Chakra & Reiki

By now, most people have heard of reiki or are aware of energy healing. For those that have not, Reiki is an alternative therapy that basically works with the energy in & around your body & the universal life force to create & promote healing. A practitioner will essentially connect with universal life force energy to direct positive, healing energy to you.

The first major misconception  about reiki is usually the chakra work & with the chakra themselves. We hear & talk about 7 major chakra in your body. There are literally hundreds of chakra. There are also 2 outside of your body that are just as important as the 7 main chakra we all know & love (or attempt to).

First you have the Earth Star chakra. It is the chakra that connects us all to the Divine Mother Earth. This chakra is located underneath your feet, about 6 inches outside of your body & is associated with deep red, brown or black. This is the essential chakra in earth grounding rituals & techniques. It makes up part of your etheric body. It is the base or grounding point of the entirety of the chakral system.

Working with this chakra will connect you to Gaia, nature & humanity as a whole. It is the chakra most light workers need to keep balanced. When this chakra is balanced it will ground you more than any other chakra. Its your root chakra on steroids. It is also rumored that this chakra will connect you to your past lives.

Then you have the Soul Star chakra which connects you to frequencies far beyond your imagination. This chakra connects you to your higher self & is believed to be the portal to your soul at birth & death. It is the crown chakra magnified to the thousandth power & is associated with the color mauve!

Working with this chakra opens up the gateway to the Source of all life & is an empowering tool for light workers & healers. It is located slightly above your crown chakra outside of your body. There are countless others, besides the main 7 & these 2 inside & outside of your body that we'll talk about another time.

For now it is important to understand how this system works and/or how you can keep it healthy! The easiest & most common way to keep your chakra balanced & healthy is by maintaining a healthy diet & meditating. First you need to pay attention to your body. Most light workers believe that any & all illness can be traced back to an unbalanced chakra(s).

Your chakra can be overactive or blocked which leads to mental, physical & emotional ailments. When your chakra are aligned & balanced you are healthy, happy & vibrating on a frequency that attracts positivity & abundance into your life. Try A chakra cleansing meditation to balance your entire chakral system. A reiki session can help identify which chakra you need to work on!

Start by learning more about your chakra system & meditating. We will eventually talk about how to incorporate crystals, essential oils, herbs & affirmations into your everyday life to maintain a grateful, balanced life! If you are concerned about beginning meditation seek assistance & don't be too hard on yourself. Meditation is about relieving stress, it defeats the purpose to stress yourself out about meditating!



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