Collective Reading for 2/15-2/21/2021


I am a new tarot card reader! I have only been reading for the last couple of years & got my very first tarot deck as a gift recently. I am used to reading oracle cards which are less structured than my tarot cards & have been practicing with my new deck since I received them! I will do weekly card pulls moving forward to not only familiarize myself with my Hoodoo Tarot deck, but to also strengthen my relationship with my ancestors & intuition! Let me know how I do in the comments & I offer more in depth, personalized readings if you are interested! 

Monday: Two of Sticks; You may have some decisions to make this week.You may be feeling restless, discontent with your life, maybe a little detached. You may have to suddenly leave a place or a situation. You may be given the opportunity to choose as this is a card of having two paths. It is also a card of expansion possibly overseas. There may be some sort of business partnership on the horizon as this is also a card of cooperation. In love, this card can indicate a lack of contentment in your relationship. You & your partner may need to make a decision about going traveling or even immigrating together. For my singles, this card represents being caught between two lovers, one being stable & reliable & the other a bit dangerous. Career wise you have two paths available to you. If you are a business owner you may need to choose your next steps business wise. Will you expand, take on a partner or even partner with another company. This is a card of financial stability so if you are not currently financially stable you should be seeing a balance in your finances this week. For some you will need to decide between two possible routes of treatment for an illness or injury. For some you will need to decide whether to stay with your current exercise routine or go back to your old lazy habits. Spiritually, you may be sticking with your current spiritual or religious path, not because it inspires you, but because you are afraid of the unknown. Don’t be afraid to explore your options. 

Tuesday: Nine of Coins; Nine of coins reversed represents a general lack of stability, confidence or freedom.  You may be attempting to be rewarded without actually putting in the work. You must make the effort. You get back what you put out. Be careful of becoming so materialistic that you lose sight of what provides true happiness. It is usually not things & money. Some of you may be working so hard you are neglecting all other areas of your life. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your goals just don’t forget to live life in the process of achieving them. You may be lacking self control this week. Be sure to treat others with integrity & honesty. If you are wealthy, be careful who you trust this week. Be wary of dishonesty from others. This card can also represent a person, usually a woman that is superficial,or materialistic who lacks confidence & maturity so be on the lookout if you meet a new woman today. In love, your relationship lacks security & stability. You or your partner may be overindulgent, spoiled, or selfish at this time. This card may warn of deception or deceit. You or your partner may be in the relationship for the wrong reason. Be careful that the relationship is not materialistic or superficial. For my singles, you may be looking at the wrong aspects of potential partners or desiring a relationship for the wrong reasons. Be careful who you trust as this card reversed can indicate a gold digger or even a sex worker. In your career today, you may feel like you are failing due to lack of effort. You can’t expect to succeed if you’re not willing to put in the work. If you are a business owner be very careful today as this card reversed warns of scams, con artists, & theft. Be wary not to be living above your means today. Be cautious of risky deals & shady investments. Health wise, this card reversed indicates overindulgence or lack of self control that may lead to health or fitness issues. Be sure to attend any smear test or breast exams today. Spiritually, you need to show self discipline today. You may be holding on to a belief system that doesn’t work for you. There are no shortcuts to this spiritual life. You get out what you put in. Make the effort! 

Wednesday: V11 Railroad Bill; You may be lacking direction today or feeling powerless. Do not let outside forces determine your worth. You have given up control yet somehow you are still moving forward. Focus & take your control back. Evaluate which of the current aspects of your situation are within your control & take the necessary steps to change your fate. You may feel put off by circumstances in your life today which may lead to frustration. If people in your life are too needy you must take back your power. Set boundaries & stick to them. In love, the overall message of this card reversed warns you to slow down. In a relationship, be patient & confident that things will progress in their own time. Forcing things will lead to discourse. If you are feeling pressured to move the relationship to the next level, stand your ground, do not allow yourself to be pressured. Be clear with your partner & set boundaries. In business you are trying to run before you walk. Work toward one business goal at a time. You need to take a step back & evaluate your options. Consider a softer approach. Slow & steady wins the race. This card represents a burst of hump day energy health wise, but remember to pace yourself. Don’t try to do too much & end up hurting yourself. Spiritually, you are enthusiastic about your current spiritual journey. Be mindful of becoming too focused on what you expect of the journey that you miss or close yourself off to the unexpected. Sometimes, the unexpected experiences we aren’t aware of are more rewarding than what we originally hoped for. 

Thursday: Ten of Coins; This card reversed can signify insecurity or instability in life. This card reversed is associated with dishonesty so stay away from shady, illegal activities today. It can also represent family feuds, burdens & disputes. You may experience unexpected change today, even as far as feeling like you’ve lost everything. It is usually the difficult situations that give us the opportunities to learn & grow. In love, you may still be neglecting your partner/relationship for materialistic pursuits.You & your partner may argue over finances or finances may be putting a strain on your relationship. May indicate considering an unconventional relationship or an unconventional relationship is on the horizon, such as marrying someone for money rather than love today. Career wise this card reversed can indicate a business breakdown today. You could be presented with a shady business deal or illegal activity today. Your current job may not provide you with long term stability. An unexpected financial disaster, financially debts or bankruptcy are indicated with this card in reverse. You may have an inheritance disputed today, you may have a fight over money or you may find out you’ve been excluded from a loved one’s will today. Don’t fake wealth or affluence today. This card can represent an unexpected change health wise. This card is a strong indication that your illness is genetic. Spiritually, you need to refocus on your true inner spirit in order to find happiness. Be open to exploring unconventional spiritual paths. Be careful to avoid coldness today due to focusing on materialism.

Friday: Seven of Baskets; You may receive a reality check today. You may lack options or opportunities or you may be feeling restricted, trapped maybe. In your relationship, you are deciding to stop avoiding reality today. You need to evaluate the relationship & take action to fix any problems that need resolving. My singles, you may be limiting your own possibilities for romance because of your unrealistic ideals of the perfect potential partner. Loosen up & give that person you normally wouldn’t date a chance. You may be feeling that your opportunities for career advancement are restricted. You may be feeling like you missed your opportunities because of a previous lack of focus on goals. Don’t dwell on the past or missed opportunities/jobs you may have missed, take proactive steps to create opportunities for yourself in the present moment. You should be feeling more decisive in your financial matters today. Poor lifestyle choices will have a negative effect on your health. If you are overindulgent with food, drugs or alcohol, it is time to seek professional help. Now is a time that it is important to allow yourself time to relax. Spiritually, you may be neglecting your spirituality by being overly focused on superficial, materialistic elements of your life. Don’t limit yourself, you are capable of so much more than you realize. Try to spend some time developing your spirituality today to find enlightenment. 

Saturday: Son of Baskets; The son represents good news, offers, invitations or proposals. Now is the time to take action & follow your heart. You may find yourself mediating disputes & conflicts today. If representing a person, usually a charming young man, who is romantic, emotional, affectionate, gentle, this is a card of love. He is chivalrous, tactful, peaceful & a good negotiator. If you are single, you may be swept off your feet today. If you are single & interested in someone you need to go ahead & ask them out. As indicated above, now is the time to follow your heart. If you are in a relationship, the son signifies a deeper commitment. You or your partner is romantic, caring & gentle. It is a card of love & affection, sensitivity & attraction. There is definitely some exciting romantic news coming your way today. In a career context, the son brings news of a positive offer. If you're waiting on career news or news about a job application this card represents getting an unexpected offer in your favor. Negotiations should go well & if you have been having or seeing conflict at work you should mediate it with diplomacy today. You need to use your creative side to resolve conflict today. Your finances should be on an upswing. If you have been having financial struggles, you may need to think outside the box to resolve them successfully. If you are waiting on results of any tests for health issues the results will be positive or at the least better than expected. You should be feeling better today. Spiritually, messages are coming to you from spirit today so pay attention to the synchronicities that are appearing around you. If you are trying to develop your psychic abilities, keep working you have the natural ability you seek. 

Sunday: 1 Black Herman; You have everything you need to be successful! You must focus, use your wisdom & willpower to make it happen. This is the time to manifest what you want. If this card is indicating someone in your life it usually indicates someone you can learn from who will impress you. If you are in a relationship, the relationship is moving along & you can expect happiness. If you are single, it is a great time to meet someone who is serious about you, has good intentions & treats you well. In terms of money & career, new opportunities present themselves today. You must make bold moves & put some original ideas into practice. Don’t give up all your secrets, be careful how much you reveal around certain people. It is the perfect time to start that business you’ve been thinking about. Big things are coming your way! You may be presented with the opportunity to mentor someone or be mentored by someone who will greatly benefit you. Your finances will improve or you will be presented with the opportunity to make some extra money today. Your strength & energy is on the comeback. If you have been ill or feeling drained your health will be improving . If you don’t feel better today you may want to consider alternative treatments or energy therapy. An experienced healer may provide the energy boost you need. Spiritually, if you have an interest in a spiritual subject now is the time to explore them as your ability to channel magical energy is dramatically increased right now.You will be surprised at how much you can benefit if you focus your energy.

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