Collective Reading for 2/22/21-2/28/21

The overall theme for your week is accountability. You need to be reevaluating your life, career or love life. The appearance of multiple major arcana in this week’s spread indicates that we should be & will be making major life changes this week & the decisions we make this week will have a long term effect on your life. So be mindful of the decisions you make as they will determine how your life will progress moving forward. Also the fact that the majority of the major arcana that showed up in our collective reading this week are reversed indicates that you may not be paying enough attention to certain life lessons & you need to learn these lessons in order to make positive progress. 

Monday 2/22/21 XX1 The Garden (The World) Reversed 

You may be feeling like things have become stagnant. You may have put all your energy into something that is no longer working for you. There is one specific part of your life that is taking all your attention away from other areas. It may be time to cut your losses. In the love department you need to be having open communications with your partner & if you are single you need to be evaluating whether you are putting enough effort into meeting someone. Moneywise, your finances & career may be feeling a bit stagnant lately. Ask yourself what is holding you back? Are you putting in enough effort? You are the master of your own destiny. You learn from your mistakes so don’t be afraid to make them. Consistency, hard work & determination will lead to the financial position you wish to be in. Healthwise, if you have been suffering from an illness it is time to rethink your treatment plan. Try something different. Make sure you are following through with the treatment plan you have set in place already. If it is not producing positive results, consider holistic treatments along with current treatment plans. Spiritually you may have lost your will to progress. Try something new to reignite your passion! Be honest with yourself. 

Tuesday 2/23/21 Nine of Baskets 

If you have been experiencing hardships, pain or sorrows lately you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fulfillment is on the horizon today. This is a card of triumph, achievement & success. Your self esteem & confidence in yourself should be high today. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, you may even be celebrated today. Your relationship should be in a good place today. This card is a good sign for those looking for a deeper commitment in their relationship. If you are single, you are feeling very emotionally mature today. You’ve learned from past relationships & you are radiating positive energy so if you are attracting a partner today they should be the right type as you are vibing high! Today is a great day to meet someone new! Moneywise, things should be going well! Any projects today should be successful & will be recognized. Whether a promotion, or starting a business, launching a podcast today is a good day to do it! You may receive a bonus at work, be recognized for some achievement or just be having an abundant, prosperous day. Healthwise, you should be seeing improvements today. Today is a good day for some me time or to maybe buy yourself something nice. Avoid overindulgence today as it may have an affect on your health. Spiritually, you will radiate positive energy & love today. You should be feeling happy & fulfilled. Today is a good day! 

Wednesday 2/24/21 X Aunt Caroline (The Wheel of Fortune) Reversed

You may face unwanted change today. You will need to take control of your situation & accept accountability for your part in the change. Recognize that these changes are a result of choices you’ve made. Even if things seem rough for you right now it it a great time to larn your karmic lessons to usher you to a bigger, brighter future, don’t resist this change. Ups & downs are part of life & we learn more from the hard times than we can ever learn when everything is going well. In the love department, You may be moving from one phase to the next in the relationship, this is just a slight bump in the road. Old issues may come up & cause problems today, but this too shall pass. If you are single & feeling unlucky in love, look at your own behavior or attitude towards love & relationships. You can change your luck in love by learning from the mistakes of your past relationships. Whether in a relationship or single, try to go with the flow today. Financially, this may be a time of uncertainty in your career. You must evaluate your decisions career & money wise. Have they been the right decisions to keep you on the career path you want to be in? Your current setbacks are only temporary. Take this time to set yourself up for when things are good again. Do not take gambles or financial risks today. You may be feeling the financial effects of not putting anything aside for a rainy day. When your financial situation is better be sure to remember this time & better prepare yourself for rough times. You may be stressed or having a tough time in another area of your life that may be having an effect on your health. Remain positive today. You can’t control all situations, you can only control how you react to them. Take care of yourself & your body even when things are not necessarily good & your health will benefit. Spiritually, you may be feeling like the universe is working against you. Recognize that even in the toughest times the universe has a plan for your life. Don’t lose your faith. Take this time to connect with your higher self. Try not to resist the change trouble brings & you will come out of it more spiritually connected. 

Thursday 2/25/21 0 The Free Man (The Fool) Reversed 

The free man reversed card represents new beginnings you are afraid to take advantage of. It is coming either way. It can indicate you are being irrational today, living in the moment, lacking fun or faith today. Your need for adventure may be causing a delay in finding the love you really want or uncertainty in your current relationship. If your relationship is exciting, yet involves risky behavior be warned this could have you feeling insecure today. In money matters, the free man suggests you be careful & do your research before you commit to any of the potentially promising financial opportunities that will be presented to you. Don’t get taken advantage of. You may feel restless in your current career & thinking of doing your own thing. Think before you act. You may be holding back due to a lack of confidence, your ideas are just as good as anyone else’s. Put yourself out there. Be mindful of your surroundings as you are accident prone today. Try alternative methods to address any health issues you may be having today. You are eager to leave old spiritual traditions & try new ones. The people around you may be confused about the sudden change. Just be sure to only do what feels right to you spiritually. Explore your options thoroughly. 

Friday 2/26/21 Seven of Coins Reversed

You may feel like you are working very hard with little to no reward today.You may feel like someone else has it easy & nothing you are doing is paying off for you. If you are being lazy, procrastinating or a lack of effort. Take the time to evaluate your life when needed, a sudden change in life direction or lack of direction. Setbacks, not finishing what you started & frustrating delays are on the horizon today. You may be seeing a rough patch in your relationship right now. You both may need some quality alone time. You may be too focused on work which will lead to a disconnect in the relationship. If you are single you are probably too focused on your career or material wealth & not making time for love to come into your life. Whatever the case, you need to take stock of what’s really important today & refocus your energy to attract that to you. Love needs to be nurtured but also given room to breathe & grow. Careerwise, you are either putting too much effort into your career or not enough.Either way it is not working out the way you’d hoped. Evaluate your work practices & whether they are bringing the desired results. You may need to reconsider retirement, financial planning, cash flow problems or poor returns on investments. If you’re experiencing health issues they may be a result of previous poor health choices. You may be focusing on your body to the detriment of your health, have a poor diet, don’t exercise, overeating or drug & alcohol abuse. You need to find a healthy balance to support your health long term. You may be ignoring your intuition or inner wisdom. Refocus on your spirituality to bring yourself back in balance. 

Saturday 2/27/21 Ten of Knives

Be on the lookout for haters today. This card represents betrayal, enemies, failure, severing ties, goodbyes, nervous breakdowns, fatigue, exhaustion, hitting rock bottom, dead end situations, someone playing the victim, being overly dramatic, attention seeking, violence & attacks. In the love department it represents a breakup, divorce, bitterness or severing ties. You probably already knew the relationship was in trouble, you just need to accept it. Also an indication of betrayal & cheating. If you are attention seeking or playing the victim, stop. This will be the final nail in the coffin. You may be still dealing with the effects of your last breakup. Even though you know the relationship is toxic you are not ready for it to end. You need to take some time to heal & rediscover you & what makes you happy. Careerwise, you may have hit a dead endor there may be some backstabbing in the workplace so be on the lookout for a coworker undermining you. You may be pushing yourself too hard. You may be hitting a wall because you need to take care of yourself. You will be no good to anyone if you burn out. If you run a business this card can signify financial ruin. Be extremely cautious in your business/financial dealings & don’t take unnecessary risks at this time. You need to stop & deal with your health. You may be in danger of chronic fatigue, exhaustion & even a nervous breakdown. You need to put your health first.You are severing ties with old belief systems. Check the people in your spiritual circle as this card indicates betrayal & curses. 

Sunday 2/28/21 X111 Ancestors (Death) 

This is a card of new beginnings, spiritual transformations & a time of change. The change this card brings can be sudden & unexpected, even traumatic, but it will bring a new outlook on life. Try to embrace the change as a fresh start.You may need to let go of old issues or beliefs. In the love department, you may be holding on to a relationship that is no longer working for you. Or you may be clinging to old habits that prevent the relationship from progressing. Things will change whether you like it or not. It may indicate it is time to walk away, divorce or it’s sincerely time to let go of old patterns if you want the relationship to work. The changes this card represents are usually overwhelming yet positive. If you are single you will let go of old belief systems that no longer serve your love life. Embrace the transformation as it will bring new love into your life. Careerwise, the only guarantee in life is change. If you're unhappy at your job, find a new one. Money may be tight or you will experience a sudden drop/loss of income. Make practical adjustments & keep making positive moves forward. Healthwise, change is coming. Try changing your attitude. Find something positive in every day even if you don’t feel well. Try a different health plan or change your diet. This card represents a spiritual transformation. It's time to connect to your higher self. This card represents a painful transformation to a positive new beginning. Embrace the change even if it is painful it is leading to a better path.  

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