Herb of the Month-Eucalyptus

This month's herb is dedicated to my newest acquisition! I have been wanting a eucalyptus tree since I began farming & working with herbs. It is an extremely powerful herb that is both medicinal & magical. It is extremely easy to grow so far. It loves the sun so there is a need for you to be in the right growing zone to keep it alive. Eucalyptus needs at least 10 hours of sun a day & plenty of water. It is a wonderful addition to any medicinal or hoodoo herb garden. 

Every year I attempt to add new, extraordinary herbs into my medicinal, hoodoo mini farm. I also lose a good amount of herbs, either because they don't come back or they die. Fortunately, I am usually able to get seed & begin again. I also make it a point to use the herb &/or the root for medicinal or magical purposes before it actually dies. I will go more into detail about that in a separate blog coming soon! Now let's get back to our herb of the month. 

Eucalyptus can be used as a stand alone herb, but it is an amazing decongestant when paired with rosemary or peppermint. It has antiseptic properties as well & as such, pairs well with tea tree oil as well. The vapors alone can clear your sinuses right up! It has been known to reduce swelling, relax sore muscles & relieve respiratory disorders. There is something to be said about its ability to repel insects. 

A few sprigs tied to your shower head throughout the winter & fall will keep your chest & nasal passages clear of congestion. Make a mouthwash & gargle to relieve sore throats with a simple water infusion. A steam bath with fresh eucalyptus & rosemary will change your life honestly. My vapor rub recipe uses eucalyptus essential oil & a eucalyptus infused carrier oil. 

Magically, it is traditionally used for protection & healing. Perfect for a mojo bag or to stuff a healing poppet. The leaves are carried for protection. Sleep with a sprig or 3 under your pillow to protect against colds, the flu, bronchitis & such. Especially powerful when added to a spiritual bath. Some cultures have even smoked the dried leaves to relieve asthma symptoms. It is also surprisingly effective topically for hemorrhoids, inflammation & sores. 

This is why I have been obsessed with putting eucalyptus in my garden. It is one of the most amazing herbs & a must have for any medicine cabinet! 

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