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Herb of the Month-Holy Basil/Tulsi

One of my all-time favorite medicinal herbs is holy basil or tulsi. A perennial with lovely purple blooms and a spicy aroma is tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum). Not to be confused with sweet basil, a spice that is frequently used in cooking. Tulsi, commonly referred to as holy basil, is a traditional herb that has been utilized for ages in Ayurvedic therapy. It can be used in a number of cuisines and is renowned for its various health advantages. Its health benefits include improving digestion, reducing stress, increasing the immune system, and supporting weight loss. It can be sprinkled on food, used as a tea, or mixed into smoothies. Holy basil pesto, holy basil chutney, and holy basil tea are a...

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Herb of the Month-Eucalyptus

This month's herb is dedicated to my newest acquisition! I have been wanting a eucalyptus tree since I began farming & working with herbs. It is an extremely powerful herb that is both medicinal & magical. It is extremely easy to grow so far. It loves the sun so there is a need for you to be in the right growing zone to keep it alive. Eucalyptus needs at least 10 hours of sun a day & plenty of water. It is a wonderful addition to any medicinal or hoodoo herb garden.  Every year I attempt to add new, extraordinary herbs into my medicinal, hoodoo mini farm. I also lose a good amount of herbs, either because they don't come...

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#Farmlife Year 2

Wow! This is crazy! I've talked about farm life for so many years & now I am living the life I dreamed of & I can hardly believe it! I'm on such a small scale I almost feel bad saying I am a farmer....almost! I have been a business owner since 2015 so I knew my first year out the gate would not be profitable. I worked a full time job & would have continued doing so if it had not been for the coronavirus hitting us hard in 2020. Even though I was laid off & wanted to retire officially from bartending I went back to work in the beginning of 2021. I feel like the lock down was...

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