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#Farmlife Year 2

Wow! This is crazy! I've talked about farm life for so many years & now I am living the life I dreamed of & I can hardly believe it! I'm on such a small scale I almost feel bad saying I am a farmer....almost! I have been a business owner since 2015 so I knew my first year out the gate would not be profitable. I worked a full time job & would have continued doing so if it had not been for the coronavirus hitting us hard in 2020. Even though I was laid off & wanted to retire officially from bartending I went back to work in the beginning of 2021. I feel like the lock down was...

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Its About Time

Finally!!! I can introduce myself &  my loves to you! Hi!!! I'm Kisha, which is always confusing to my clients who don't know me. People always assume I am Sweet Martha. My business is named after my great grandmothers, Sweet Tonzie & Martha Jane Pettway. Yes, her real name is Sweet. They are my mother's paternal & maternal grandmothers, respectively. Yes, both of their last names were Pettway.    First, I'll tell you a bit about me! I am a middle aged woman obsessed with holistic wellness! I am a part of an extremely large, close family. I was born in Connecticut, but spent every summer in Alabama with my family so I had a wonderful city/country upbringing. I had...

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