Natural Connections

Recently I had an experience that enlightened me on how we are connected to nature & pretty much everything. It also taught me A little bit about the law of attraction & how it works. Holistic wellness basically operates on the premise of mind, body, Spirit wellness. It is A very spiritual practice in which you attempt to align with  universal life force in order to reach a higher vibration & essentially overall health. In the process you learn of your connectedness to pretty much everything & everyone. To explain in common terms your mind, body & spirit must all be healthy & whole, along with being in tune with nature. Once you operate on A higher vibration it boots your immune system, attracts positivity & reduces illnesses.

In the midst of my journey I found myself in a very familiar head space. I was not in a very good place. I found myself slipping a bit into depression. I was stressed about bills & life. My body was starting to ache, even though I was attempting to  stay in a positive head space. I had been noticing synchronicities & spirit signs daily for about 2 weeks at this point so I was in a much better head space than my previous dark days. I was aligned & the universe was giving me a lot of positive signs!

I decided to go out in the backyard & get some exercise on the trampoline because I had recently read about moving around when you started to feel depressed. Any type of movement would do, but I wanted to be outside.  I am in the south so it was hot!!! I noticed that the sun was hidden behind clouds, which provided some relief & it stayed that way the entire time I was jumping on the trampoline. 

I usually cool down from my trampoline workouts by just sitting or laying on the trampoline for 5 minutes. I first bounced onto my behind & sat there for a minute. Then I decided to lay down & meditate because the sun wasn't bright & I hadn't even broken a sweat. I normally just lay there & soak up the sun. This particular day I decided to commune with nature! After my first couple of meditative breaths I realized that the sun had come out from behind the clouds & was shining brightly directly in my face. My eyes were closed but I could see the orange/yellow light it radiated from behind my eyelids.

With every breath I took in the sun radiated brighter & hotter. It felt as if my breathing was attracting it's rays to me.  With every exhale I was engulfed in the sun's rays. By the 6th or 7th meditative breath I was literally engulfed in the light of the sun. I felt the heat of it but I still did not break a sweat & it felt like i was on fire on the outside. I visualized myself being encompassed by the light. 

My instincts told me to sit up, but not open my eyes. I visualized the energy from the sun attaching itself to my crown chakra & traveling down to open all the rest of my chakra. I realized in this moment that I had, in fact pulled the sun's energy to myself. I could feel the difference in the temperature with every breath i took. I had attracted the healing I needed in that moment. 


As I was sitting on the trampoline I let go of my idea of financial security. I had begun being aware of my thoughts when I saw spirit signs & knew that my guardian angels were telling me that everything would work out for my greater good. I was getting signs that I was on the right path & I just needed to trust my journey. That is so much easier said than done, especially when the bills are steadily piling & there's no money coming in.

In the short amount of time I spent out of work I did not want or need for anything because I was provided for. Every time my bank account reached zero I would get a direct deposit or an order from my business. Every time I thought about a need it was provided. I learned a lot about my connection to the universe & all the people, places & things within it.

When I sat up & opened my eyes I realized the true meaning of the universe giving me everything I need, exactly when I need it. All I had to do was be open to it. I went in the house, ate lunch, talked to my nephews & took a nap. I was refreshed when I woke from my nap. I was no longer stressed. I was content with whatever happened after that. I knew that God had opened his creation to me

Everything has energy that vibrates on a certain frequency. What you can & cannot connect to or attract depends solely on the frequency of your vibration. Holistic wellness is, to me about seeking your higher self & connecting with the Universal Life Force (God). Once you open yourself up to the possibilities you are able to see & take advantage of the opportunities you're given. 

You must visualize what it is you want, regularly & then let go of your idea of how to obtain it. Ask what your next step should be & be aware of your surroundings & subconscious mind. The answers will present themselves to you. The first time I heard someone say I could manifest my desires, I laughed them out of my face. That was 10 years ago. Today I know that I absolutely can manifest my desires. You can't have faith & then spend your life worried about all the obstacles in front of you.

I no longer worry about things that are beyond my control. I no longer fear failure or success for that matter. I no longer allow negative thoughts into my head. I no longer take other people's opinion of me to heart. I refuse to believe the life I'd lived until this point is all there is for me. You don't wake up every morning for almost 42 years to struggle & be depressed! There is A divine purpose within all of us that most of us haven't even scratched the surface of! 

We are all connected! Connected to each other & nature in the circle of life. We need each other & we need every living thing in order to thrive. We were given everything we needed & we mustn't continue to take it for granted. We must care for the universe & all things of it as we must care for ourselves. The key to doing that is recognizing your own connectedness to all things living. We must start appreciating the essence of these things rather than the appearance of them.



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