About Us

We are a virtual family owned apothecary, farmacy & plant boutique that specializes in self care, medicinal herbs & herbal remedies! I am studying to be a naturopathic herbalist & have been cultivating medicinal herbs for the past 7 years! My gifts were passed down to me by my ancestors & we all thank you for choosing us! 

I have vivid memories of my childhood! A childhood filled with summers in the south! A childhood filled with sick & shut in visits, pigs, running up & down red clay dirt roads! Journeys back in time in a sense, yet it was my reality.

As A teen I wanted to escape. I wanted to escape reality & responsibility. I started hanging out & acting out. I fell in love with hip hop & music became another escape for me. As an adult, during my spiritual journey I would make the connection with music, vibrations, energy & healing. My product names pay homage to my connection to music & spirit. 

I was reintroduced to holistic living in 2014 & was instantly enchanted. I made the connection between my journey & my family history immediately! I knew this was my purpose! I made a decision the next year to start my business! 

My business is named after my great grandmothers Martha Jane & Sweet Tonzie Pettway. They both lived in Gee's Bend, Alabama. They were both pillars of society & married to powerful, great men of their community. They were both in their own unique way faith healers.

I believe I inherited my passion for sustainable living from my great grandmother Martha Jane. I learned so much from my time with her & have so much admiration for the little bit of her life I know about. She lived to be almost 105 & passed when I was in my early 20s. 

In our time she installed our family traditions into me & hundreds of other children, grandchildren, etc. She empowered me by teaching me about my history & nurturing my inquisitive nature. She patiently answered my questions & lovingly showed me how to farm, sew, clean & cook among other things.

My family has been self sufficient for as long as we have existed & I  have a desire to continue those traditions & share them with you! I wish to give you all that was given to me in my own special way! I hope you enjoy my dream as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!