Antifungal Salve
Antifungal Salve

Antifungal Salve

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Sweet Martha's salves & balms are handmade in small batches to ensure effectiveness & quality.

The following herbs, which have exceptionally strong antifungal properties, were infused for 4 weeks with olive oil before being combined with beeswax to create a potent therapeutic salve. Use wherever that your skin develops fungus, suck as between your toes, on your nails, under your arms, or anywhere else. A well known fungus fighting additives are aloe vera gel & tea tree oil! 

*Mugwort was utilized in Japanese & Korean medicine to treat rheumatism & arthritic areas of the body. Mugwort was additionally used by native Americans as a spiritual & therapeutic ally. 

*Ashwagandha inhibits the growth of multiple species of fungus.

*Goldenrod contain chemicals including saponins. The growth of year may be inhibited by the antifungal activities of saponins.

Chemical Free


The beeswax provides a wonderful barrier of moisture to skin that aids in regeneration!

*About our products!

I do not practice Western medicine but I firmly believe that medicinal herbs & essential oils have the capacity to support our bodies' normal healing processes & progress

Most of the herbs used in my products are grown on my organic farm. Everything else is locally &/or responsibly sourced

The content is not meant to replace advice, diagnosis or treatment from qualified medical professionals. With any concerns you may have about a medical condition, always sell the counsel of your doctor or skilled health professional!