Live Chamomile Plant
Live Chamomile Plant
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Live Chamomile Plant

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All of our live plants are started in 2-6 inch reusable plastic pots. My farm is organic, absolutely no pesticides, non GMO & I use absolutely no Miracle Grow. My starters are shipped ready to harden off & transplant to containers or into your garden.

Some will ship in peat starter pots that can be planted whole. All plants come with care & harvest instructions. We even send you instructions on collecting your own seed if we know!

There are 2 different types of chamomile. They grow in identical conditions, the only difference is the German chamomile is a reseeding annual. Roman chamomile is said to be true chamomile, but they both deter pests in your garden & sometimes used interchangeably. Both are great companion plants for fruits & veggies as they attract pollinators.

Roman (Chamaemelum nobile) chamomile is low growing & a perennial. Grows to about 12 inches. German (Matricaria recutita) chamomile is self sowing annual that grows to be about 24 inches tall. Both are easy to grow once established! Chamomile plants come with 4-6 well established roots!

Grows in zones 3-9, grows best in cool conditions, but will grow with full sun, prefers dry soil, once established, chamomile needs little care, only needs to be watered in prolonged drought, not affected by many pests unless weak from lack of water.