Live Yarrow (Parker variety) Plant
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Live Yarrow (Parker variety) Plant

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My farm is organic, absolutely no pesticides, non GMO & I use absolutely no Miracle Grow. My starters are shipped ready to harden off & transplant to containers or into your garden. Plants are pictured in different stages of growth. You will receive the youngest plant possible. 

Will ship as a root. All roots are well established. All plants come with care & harvest instructions. We even send you instructions on collecting your own seed if we know!

Yarrow is a perennial,  grows in zones 3-10, grows to about 36-48 inches tall, blooms in summer & fall, requires full sun & well draining soil with a ph of 5.8-7.2.

Can be taken as a tea. Can be used in cleansers, serums, toners, masks & balms to revitalize skin or as a soothing agent. Incorporate into massage oil to soothe sore muscles. It is a wonderful repellant for mosquitoes & flies.