Live Organic Mullein Plant
Live Organic Mullein Plant
Live Organic Mullein Plant

Live Organic Mullein Plant

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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a simple-to-grow medicinal herb that prefers less-than-ideal soil conditions. It is frequently discovered by the sides of roads and in locations with what is thought to be waste soil, like gravel.

Mullein develops as a tall, upright shrub with flower spikes that bear lovely yellow flowers. It maintains its stability thanks to a long, fibrous tap root that looks a lot like a carrot. In its first year, it only produces big, hairy leaves. Mullein can self-fertilize and bloom in its second spring, when it produces hundreds of small brown seeds that are a favorite diet of finches and other seed-eating birds.

This sturdy little herb serves as a lovely deterrent to deer, rabbits, and other garden pests thanks to the plant's downy covering of hairs, which is itchy to the touch. Mullein is a resilient ornamental plant, and its lovely yellow blossoms are a major draw for bees and butterflies. Because mullein seeds contain a weak poison that hasn't been found to damage humans, fish thieves have used them to shock fish that eat them.

Mullein leaves are one of the most secure and effective herbal lung tonics, according to herbalists. This herbal medicine is extremely potent yet delicate due to the plant's inherent antibacterial and analgesic characteristics. The respiratory tract's mucous membranes are soothed and made to expectorate by the leaves.

Use mullein to relieve the signs of laryngitis, chronic bronchitis, dry coughs, and asthma. Mullein is a beneficial lymphatic cleanser as well, and you could find it useful for treating skin conditions like psoriasis.

Try combining Mullein with Lobelia and Horehound to treat respiratory distress and make it more relaxing.

Some of the photos are for visual purposes only. They are of my personal plants. 

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