Plantain & Comfrey Salve
Plantain & Comfrey Salve
Plantain & Comfrey Salve

Plantain & Comfrey Salve

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Our Plantain & Comfrey Salve is excellent for psoriasis, eczema, burns, diaper rash, and first aid. It has a lot of strength & has a long history of being revered as a great healer.

Comfrey and plantain work together to lessen certain skin irritations while promoting cell growth.

Theis salve works wonders for treating a wide range of illnesses! Use it to relieve dry skin, scar tissue, sprains, inflammation, aching ligaments, swelling, bruising, and mild burns.

Two herbs that have been used for thousands of years to treat a range of diseases are comfrey and plantain.

The Latin word for comfrey is "knitting together." For wounds, sores, bruises, painful joints, and fractured bones, comfrey is the best remedy.

Allantoin, a well-known anti-inflammatory, is present in comfrey, which makes it effective as an external medicine since it promotes the formation of new skin and cells. 

A well-known herb, plantain is frequently used to lessen the discomfort and swelling caused by bug bites.

It is also frequently used to help ease the itching associated with poison ivy rashes. Diaper rash can be effectively treated.

Both of these amazing, healing herbs were combined to produce a salve by which will provide you an all-purpose remedy to have on hand.

*About our products!I

I do not practice Western medicine but I firmly believe that medicinal herbs & essential oils have the capacity to support our bodies' normal healing processes & progress. 

Most of my medicinal herbs used in my products are grown on my organic farm. Everything else is locally &/or responsibly sourced. 

The content is not meant to replace advice, diagnosis or treatment from qualified medical professionals. With any concerns you may have about a medical condition, always sell the counsel of your doctor or skilled health professional.