Live Organic Raspberry Bush Rooted
Live Organic Raspberry Bush Rooted

Live Organic Raspberry Bush Rooted

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Heritage Raspberries will yield an ongoing harvest of large, vibrant, and delicious red berries. In the middle of the summer, a small crop will appear, and from August until the first frost, a large crop will appear. The one-year-old canes are perfect for home growers; they are ready for planting. They are tolerant of most soil types and resilient in extremely chilly areas. Simply mow the canes after the first frost, and they will grow back the following year to provide extra-sweet, luscious fruit. Self-pollinating and resistant to the most, if not all, of the major raspberry diseases. Strong canes do not require staking. Enjoy these delectable raspberries canned or frozen as well as fresh from the garden.

Some of the photos are for visual purposes only. They are of my personal plants. For this specific plant you will receive a dry root without the pot or soil.

*About our plants


Cultivated on my farm in Alabama

Open-pollinated, and untreated (no fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

Regularly tested to ensure they adhere to the strictest germination requirements

I provide comprehensive, in-depth growing instructions