Reiki Session

Reiki Session

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I am a certified reiki master! This is a reiki session, not a physical product. You will need to fill out a questionnaire to ensure I am able to successfully serve your individual needs.

Distant Reiki is just as powerful & effective as being in the same room with you. If you need a full body detox, a chakra cleanse or you have a specific energy center that is not in alignment Reiki can help! 

All you would need to do is drink a glass of water or wash your hands after the session to ground yourself. I do the rest. You can meditate if you so please. 

You will receive an email with the questionnaire within 24 hours of your purchase & appointment will be set upon return of questionnaire! You will also receive a summary email detailing my findings with some tips to keep your energy cleansed & you in alignment with your higher purpose! 


I look forward to serving you!