Reiki Session

Reiki Session

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We learn from Reiki (Universal Life Force) that we are more than just our physical bodies and that an energy body made of Reiki surrounds us. Our spiritual and energetic realms are where reiki energy connects. Remote or distant Reiki sessions are effective because distance is not a barrier to energy. Sessions can be conducted without clients being present because distance is simply a physical restriction. As energy matter and constituents of a bigger whole, we are all interconnected.

There are numerous techniques to conduct a remote healing session. To convey Reiki energy to someone else, a practitioner can do so directly, through visualization, or by using a proxy. A holy healing zone is created when the Reiki practitioner and the client use the distant Reiki sign.

I usually suggest at least 4 sessions! You will receive a detailed report by email for every session! This is the price for 1. We scheduled future sessions after the session! 

 I look forward to serving you!