Way Up Spiritual Detox Bath Tea
Way Up Spiritual Detox Bath Tea

Way Up Spiritual Detox Bath Tea

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Our bath tea will strengthen & cleanse your energy of negativity! It is important in our quest to wellness to consider our energy & the health of our aura! Whether it is to dial away A day's worries & stress or cleanse yourself of long held negativity, you want to try these! We also offer A "purse" cleanse for ladies that you can heat up & steam your "purse"! *All spiritual baths have to be accompanied by a questionaire to ensure no negative or adverse reaction to the herbs are experienced so please include your email address.* Thank you

Pink Himalayan salt draws toxins & bacteria away from skin, relaxes muscles aids circulation.

Rose works with the heart chakra, attracts love, enhance femininity & is known for its seductive properties.

Lavender works well with all chakra, relax mind, body spirit. Promotes rest & happiness. 

Chamomile works with throat chakra, promotes love & tranquility. Promotes peace & wellbeing.

Sage works with heart & throat chakra, removed negative energy.

Rosemary works with sacral & solar plexus chakra, relieves anxiety.

Jasmine works with heart & third eye chakra, promotes open minded thinking & forgiveness.

Calendula works with sacral chakra & aids creativity.

Lemon balm works with third eye, solar plexus & heart chakra. Balances emotion, resolve mood swings & promotes sleep.

Patchouli works with root chakra. Promotes peace & abundance. It is also known for its seductive properties.