Start From Scratch Eczema Cream

Start From Scratch Eczema Cream

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Utilize our daily face and body eczema cream to reduce sporadic discomfort and itching brought on by dry, spotty skin. It forms a moisturizing and nourishing barrier that absorbs deeply into the skin, protecting it from irritants and the harsh effects of daily life. This powerful, quickly-acting cream is gentle enough to be used every day as a moisturizer on sensitive skin while still being potent enough to calm irritated skin. In addition to strengthening the skin's natural texture, it hydrates nicely and is sure to provide you with quick relief from dry, itchy skin.

Aloe vera extract, beeswax, geranium, tea tree, and lavender essential oils are combined with coconut oil, plantain, and a safflower and mineral oil blend.

 *About our products!

I do not practice Western medicine but I firmly believe that medicinal herbs & essential oils have the capacity to support our bodies' normal healing processes & progress. 

Most of the herbs used in my products are grown on my organic farm. Everything else is locally &/or responsibly sourced. 

The content is not meant to replace advice, diagnosis or treatment from qualified medical professionals. With any concerns you may have about a medical condition, always sell the counsel of your doctor or skilled health professional!